Winfield Officers receive Public Safety Award
By Vice President Robert Farver
May 16, 2023

The Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department is proud to announce that Past Chief Mark Davis and EMS Captain Chris Broussard received the 2020 Supervisor of the Year Award at the Annual Chamber of Commerce awards, held on Monday May 15th at Pleasant Valley Fire Department. They were recognized for their expertise and extensive work done during the Covid 19 pandemic in protecting the First Responders, their fellow members and the firehouse itself. Both men were instrumental in devising a simple but strategic game plan, that included locking down the firehouse, where only active volunteers and paid staff were allowed to enter. This minimalized the amount of members entering the building to protect our personnel. They provided daily Covid announcements and Past Chief Davis provided You Tube updates to keep every member informed and to assure that the Department was doing their utmost to protect everyone and that our personnel would be ready for 911 calls. EMS Captain Broussard spent numerous hours trying to locate hand sanitizers, face masks, N95 face masks, cleaning supplies, medical gloves and necessary medications for use by the Paramedics. His persistence paid off to not only locate and obtain these items but he was also able to help other fire departments by creating a swap program. Their professionalism and knowledge helped to not only get the department through the pandemic but helped to minimalize the first responders that came down with the virus. The Winfield VFD is thankful to have these two exceptional leaders in our department.