Battalion 3 Solar Panel Training
By Chief Tim Legore
April 1, 2023

Members of the WCVFD joined personnel from Mt Airy VFC and Sykesville VFC this morning for the monthly Battalion 3 training to review the equipment and response procedures to a solar farm emergency. Standard Solar owns a 1 megawatt solar farm facility located at Mayeski Park in Winfield. Personnel from Standard Solar were able to explain the processes involved in collecting solar energy and sending it to local utility providers. They also reviewed safety features and answered firefighter questions on how we can safely operate if there is a fire or medical/rescue emergency at the site. Fire departments across the country are routinely required to respond and mitigate “all-hazard” emergencies and this is another example of how Carroll County firefighters are staying ahead.

Many thanks to Standard Solar for providing subject matter experts for this training event.

Thanks to Commissioner Guerin for joining us at another fire department training event, one of these days there will be better weather when he is in attendance!!