COVID -19 3/16/2020 Update
By Assistant Chief Austin Johnstone
March 16, 2020

The past three weeks have tested humankind and the way of life we are used to. Leaders have had to make difficult and unprecedented decisions. While we are currently under a National and State of Emergency, there have been many changes to what we can and cannot do. At the bottom of this post are a few resources with the most reliable information. There is a link to CDC which is one of the Federal resources and the Maryland Department of Health which is a state level resource. Around our station we have implemented several procedures to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. We have put in place hand-washing stations (thanks SOS Pottys) at our entrances for responders to wash their hands prior to entering the station and preform regular cleaning of our station and apparatus. While you practice Social Distancing please remember you can still go outside for a walk, you can still visit a park, and you can still play catch with your dog. In this very uncertain time it is important to listen to directives put in place by Local and State Officials, if we all do that we can help flatten the curve and get back to Social Gatherings sooner than later.

Hyperlinks: CDC - Corona Virus
Maryland Department of Health - Corona Virus