House Fire Started By Deck Fire
By Fire Captain Lenny Logue-Ruckman
February 19, 2020

In the Early morning hours WCVFD was alerted to assist the Sykesville Fire Department with the reported deck fire. While en-route ECC advised units that the home owner was attempting to extinguish the fire on the back side of the house. Chief 12 arrived first and advised of fire coming from the roof and fire on the Charlie(back of structure) side of the structure starting at the deck. Chief 12 assumed the Caren Dr command at this time. E142 arrived second and hooked to the hydrant to supply E123 with water. E142's crew pulled a line to side Charlie and began to extinguish the fire on the deck and roof from the exterior. Soon after fire attack began the ceiling fell inside the front door blocking E123's path of travel to exit the house. E123 advised command of the need to evacuate; E142 was able to enter the structure from side C and knock the fire at the front door down to allow E123's crew to exit the house. After the crew was able to exit E142 exited back to the deck and continued to attack the fire from the rear of the house. E141 assisted with forming the Rapid Intervention Group, and Medic 149 assisted with initially being the RID Ambo and later assisting with rehab of the firefighters. Tower 12 was used to flow the ladder pipe and knock down the fire. After the bulk of the fire was extinguished Capt 14 was given the division 2 group officer role and with E134 & E142's crew the second floor was searched for extension and overhaul was performed. Crews worked for approximately 3 hours to extinguish, overhaul and cleanup.

Units: E142, DTY14, E141, M149, LT14-3
Mutual Aid: E123, E124, T12, CF12, I127, E134, DTY13, HE31, T3, FM44, DTY3, M128,