First Due Basement Fire
By EMS Lieutenant Tyler Gaigalas
August 23, 2019

Around 7:30 PM Thursday August 22nd in the middle of a severe thunderstorm Box Alarm 14-12 was sounded for the House Fire in the 1600 Block of Magin Lane. Carroll County 911 Center advised the caller said their home was filling with smoke.

First Arriving Duty 14 (A. Johnstone) found a 2 Story Single Family Dwelling with nothing evident from the exterior and established Command. The occupants were out of the residence and directed first arriving units to the basement of the home where crews found an active fire in the basement. Engine 141 arrived and stretched an attack line to the basement where they found a propane Fed fire that was extending to the duct work for the HVAC system and up into the underside of the first floor. The fire was contained and eventually extinguished once crews shut of the propane from the exterior of the home. Engine 31 (Westminster) went to the first floor and found minor extension in the flooring.

No injuries were reported during the incident. The cause of the fire was determined to be due to lightning that struck a tree that was within 20 feet of the underground propane tank. The electrical current went into the ground making contact with the propane line that goes from the underground tank into the home. Let this serve as a reminder to remain vigilant while in your home during severe weather. If you observe any smoke/fire or smell any unusual odors call 911 immediately.

Units: Engine 141, Engine 142, Tanker 14, Medic 149, Duty 14
Mutual Aid: Units from New Windsor, Westminster, Mount Airy VFD