WCVFD Receives Emergency Response & Safety Grant
By Board of Director Zach Schneider
March 29, 2019

Recently BGE an Exelon Company announced the Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department was a recipient in their Emergency Response and Safety Grant program. The grant will help fund the Active Assailant Stop the Bleed Program, TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) training and equipment for both emergency services personnel and the general public. With the everchanging world we live in emergency services personnel and general public need to be well prepared for an active assailant event. Whether at work, school, church, or any public area there could be a threat present. Having civilians trained will only increase the change of survival for any victims as the civilians are the true “first responders” to such an incident. The TECC training and equipment can be used to aid immediate care for any major bleeding event which could also include vehicle collisions, sports/hunting accidents, or accidents within the home.

Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department has held (3) Stop the Bleed Trainings for the public with a total attendance of over 70 folks. The grant helps fund the program so there is no cost to attend the training and each person receives a “stop the bleed kit”. Throughout the year WCVFD will be reaching out to churches and civic originations to further deploy this training to the public.

The members of Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank BGE an Exelon Company for this generous grant which will help us better serve and train our community.

Please keep checking on WCVFD’s website for further information on this program and other community training opportunities.